The deadline for entering this competition is now passed. Look out for the news with 1st stage results!

Putney School of Art and Design and the Friends of PSAD are organising this exciting Art competition to design a new fountainhead figurine, open to all artist in Wandsworth borough.

For all competition details please download here the Project Brief.    

The Friends of PSAD are supporting the competition by sponsoring the winning prize and helping in the competition timeline ☀️ This is an unique opportunity for all artists in Wandsworth.

Coronations Gardens is a beautiful, historical Edwardian park set in Southfields, a historical garden Wandsworth residents have enjoyed for many years. The fountain based in the heart of the gardens will undergo a full refurbishment to restore it to its former 1904 glory.

Putney School of Art and Design (PSAD) and the Friends of Coronation Gardens would love for a local artist to contribute to this restoration, by designing a replacement figurine to complete drinking fountain. We welcome you to submit your 2D designs for the new figurine through your preferred artistic method by the deadline 16 April 2024.

Few photographs taken by Sniez Torbarina and Nicole Hollingworth, PSAD Friends.

Visit the PSAD website, Friends of PSAD and Friends of Coronation Gardens.

See more pictures on the Coronation Gardens project on some of the initial postings in November 2023 and in August 2023.

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