“We want to make a sculpture that speak to the past and connect to the future.”

The Friends of Coronation Gardens in Southfields are planning to restore these lovely gardens and its historic water fountain. The garden was gifted to Southfields in 1903 by Sir William Lancaster, who was then Mayor of Wandsworth and was also a co-founder of PSAD. His sisters funded a fountain. The restauration project will include a new figurine for the fountain which was originally a male figure in the spirit of Aquarius the water bearer, but was removed many years ago.

They have linked with PSAD, Friends of PSAD, Enable and Wandsworth council art team to organize a competition in the New year to create a sculptural figure that would nod to the past and reflect the present. Further details will be published as soon as available.

Photos by Sniez Torbarina, PSAD Friends.

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Friends of PSAD and Friends of Coronation Gardens