We are hosting a spring-term Pottery and Art Workshops.  Payment by card in school office together with completed form.

Please be informed that the 3D Campus in Disraeli Road presently has no disabled access to upper floor – for the Painting Workshop. We are sorry for that. This is being addressed by the school.

You can download here the Booking Form.  They will also be available at both Campuses.

All information and cost Here or click on the Poster below.

Ian Ellis explores colour techniques used by Rothko and Constable 

This course is suitable for all levels and presents ideas about colour contrasts and techniques, referring to both Rothko’s abstracts, and Constable’s sketches of sunsets. Students will be shown some glazing and particular colour techniques and encouraged to apply them to their own work. The day will concentrate on the primary stages of both artists, creating small scale studies on paper, with a view to transferring the images onto a larger scale for those interested.

A materials list will be sent prior to the course, both oil and acrylic paint can be used.

Ian’s Instagram: @great_artists_steal

Youtube channel: Great Artists Steal.

Website: https://ianellis.weebly.com/

Read our recent Interview with Ian Here.


Allan Manham

Back by popular demand!

We are delighted to be hosting a second workshop by Allan Manham, this time focusing on his decoration processes. Unlike most potters, Allan doesn’t use glazes as he wants the surface of his pots to be an integral part of the form. The appearance of each vessel is defined by every stage of the making process so that scrapes, scratches and other marks remain on the finished surface of the greenwear. Slips and underglazes are painted or rubbed on, or even wiped off to leave just a hint of colour on the surface when fired. Sometimes burnished, sometimes waxed and polished, this course will show you how to achieve the smooth and delicate finishes that define Allan’s work.

Students should bring 2 or 3 bisque fired pots to the workshop or, for those interested in burnishing, a leather pot on which to work.

Allan’s Website: https://www.manham.net/ 

More info on Allan’s Pots of the Month.


For any query you can contact us on email:

Pottery workshop, Nicole Hollingworth, nholli@btinternet.com

Art workshop, Fleur Tookey, fleurtookey@icloud.com

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