The wonderful Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair was back on Sunday ! It was preceded by the private view on Saturday evening, during which the Diplomas were awarded by our local MP, Fleur Anderson, to the newest graduates.

We have already received messages by artists, stall holders and visitors, thanking Friends ‘for organising such a marvellous, cheering fair – just what we all needed after a grim year.. such a lovely atmosphere.’

The stalls and exhibits were all over the school and many visitors came for the inspiration and original gifts as well as chat and exchange of the thoughts and ideas.

The cafe offered delicious food and drinks throughout the day, keeping everyone refreshed. The (very) young musician played violin in the morning, the programme of quieter classical and lively festive melodies.

Many wonderful arts and crafts pieces were bought – paintings, sculptures, books, ceramics, jewellery. The illustrators were creating special pieces commissioned on the day ! The children books were introduced to some very young aspirants :)

Please send us your photographs, thoughts, suggestions !

Here is a selection of photos from both days :) click on the first photo for larger view of the whole album

Please send us your photographs, thoughts, suggestions – thank you !