Like everyone we are so saddened by the horrific devastation of our European neighbouring country Ukraine and the pain and sufferings of their brave people. We feel the pain and think about them and help where we can. There are numerous channels and platforms – local, national,  international – that we can get involved with and contribute, there are lots of ways !

Below some online suggestions, portals, platforms where artists share their artwork, thoughts, support. Please send us any that you may know of !😘

Also send us your artwork with sunflowers and other symbols of love and support to the Ukraine. We will put it up on our Art Gallery ☀️🌱

Sunflower is a national flower of Ukraine.🌻

See link PSAD Friends Art Gallery

Some channels for support:

Auto Artists For Ukraine

Crafts Council

Smiley News

KLS Calling on government

Art Industry

You can contact us on email

The Friends Committee