The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2023 is upon us and PSAD tutors and students will exhibit! Bit of a bumper year!! Scroll below to see their selected works.

The theme this year is ‘Space’. The works this year are selected this year by the British sculptor Ann Christopher RA and her committee of leading British artists and architects. The works for the Architecture Room are chosen by the collective Assemble RA.

Ann Christopher says: ‘As co-ordinator for the 2024 Summer Exhibition, I plan to explore the idea of making space, whether giving space or taking space. This can be interpreted in various ways: to make space can mean openness – making space for something or someone, also making space between things. It is my belief that the spaces in between are as important as whatever those spaces separate. Spaces can not only dramatically enhance the actual works on the wall but also the pleasure of viewing them. In terms of sculpture – well that gives off its own demand for space around it.’

Across Main Galleries, the works include prints, paintings, photography and film, sculpture, architectural works, most of which are for sale. Proceeds support both the exhibiting artist and the RA’s charitable activities.

Open: Tues–Sun: 10am – 6pm, Frid: 10am – 9pm  /Tickets £22–24.5. Concessions available.

PSAD tutors and students:

Etching tutor Melanie Bellis – etchings ‘Bridge’, ‘Heading North’. Instagram @melaniebellisartist

Etching students Fiona Binney – etching ‘Pattern Cutting II’, Sue Bubb – etching ‘Taormina’, Jane Corsellis – etching ‘Autumn Mist Venice’

Screen printing tutor Justine Ellis – 5 layer screen prints ‘Intersection’ and ‘Overlap’

You can also see some of them in the PSAD Friends online Art Gallery.