There would be no summer of art without RAA Summer show ! The theme is ‘Climate’, chosen by this year’s coordinator, Alison Wilding RA. Grayson Perry curated Prints room and the Gallery II Architecture room has been hung collaboratively by Rana Begum RA and architect Níall McLaughlin RA.

And how can one express enough the importance and urgency of this subject ? Some artists have addressed it heads on and some in a more muted, subtle way. There is angst, fear, crisis but also potency and opportunity and hope. There is collapsed earth globe, shredded earth globe and one holding the beehive – my absolute favourite!

Established names and emerging artists mingle and collide, quietly, in silence, in whisper, and loudly !

Open: Tues–Sun: 10am–6pm /Monday closed.

Tickets £20–22. Concessions available. Booking ahead is advisable.

Whilst you are there keep an eye on the artwork by PSAD etching tutor Catherine Greenwood whose work was selected for this year show !

‘Vivacity’ the hot pink Opera Rose etching can be found in Room V111 print room walls, artwork no. 1120. You can buy it Here.  Full list of all artworks at RAA Summer show 22 Here.

Review by Sniez Torbarina, as well as photos – except where she is in it!.

Click below to see Catherine’s work (first image) and a selection from the show.