Monday Mornings Oil Painting Class by Gavin Maughfling

In this projects students explore how painting can respond to the visual and narrative language of dreams. How can we get inside what a dream feels like, and how can we avoid a too literal, or surrealist or earthbound response.

Gavin Maughfling teaches painting at PSAD and is a practicing artist and filmmaker. He co-founded DEM projects, curating international exhibitions in London and Singapore.

Goddess by Paige Barry

This lovely exhibition of goddess boxes are the artist’s take on the idea of symbolic belief in the female mystique. It comprises a selection of (mostly) fertility goddesses throughout the world and from different times and cultures.

Paige Barry has been a tutor at PSAD for over twenty years, teaching digital, painting and drawing.


Main building: Oxford Road, London SW15 2LQ

Click on the first image for photo album. Photos by Sniez Torbarina.