Leigh Jenkinson has recently completed her UAL Diploma in Ceramics. The exhibition shows her work completed during this time and can be seen at the main building PSAD in Oxford Road. It includes her ceramic tableware display (on ground floor) and her sculptural work in porcelain (at top floor cafe).

In addition to this exhibition there is also a small display in the 3D Campus in Disraeli Road of the works by Leigh’s students. It shows the technique of Nerikomi pottery with a smoked fired finish.

Leigh teaches ceramics at PSAD and is a practicing artist and ceramicist. She finds inspiration in the Canadian landscape where she grew up, as well as subjects that are taboo or unseen in society.

The exhibitions are open during the school opening hours.


Main building: Oxford Road, London SW15 2LQ &

3D Campus: Bentley House, 4a Disraeli Road, SW15 2DS (Directly opposite Putney Library)

Click on the first image for photo album. Photos by Sniez Torbarina.