Putney School of Art and Design (display on the first floor )

What would you like to say to someone you may be missing, care about, love or lost… Write, draw or make a token to love. Hang your ‘message’ on the washing line or pin it to the board. The messages & tokens will be on public display – so please include first names only and leave tokens that you are happy for us to keep.

This is a site-response project by Hardeep Kalsi for the PSAD Foundation Diploma Course. The objective of this interactive exercise is to gather ‘messages & tokens of love.’ The material gathered will form part of my Final Year Exhibition, which will take place at PSAD from week beginning Monday 8 July 2024. Thank you for taking part.

You can follow the progress on Instagram: @artykalsi

The Foundling Hospital was set up in 1739 as refuge for those who for one reason or another were unable to take care of their new-borns. Mothers leaving their babies at the Hospital would leave a small object such as a scrap of fabric, a written message of love, or a token as a means of identification. Thomas Coram was a great altruist, also an art patron, and the museum  is full of amazing pieces. See more at Foundling Museum and Coram Story. 


Monday 18 March – 12 April, 2024

PSAD Main Building: Oxford Road, London SW15 2LQ