An exciting opportunity for artists to be involved in the experimental Music Video!

A team of film creatives, alumni from the National Film and Television school, are creating a multi-disciplined, experimental music video that draws on their talents. KAIKE is a self-funded project that is partly sponsored by London Film who are providing the VFX and post-production for this innovative music video. The producers are filming a new and exciting surrealist music video that is heavily influenced by fine art. It centres around self-image, self-destruction and joyfully releasing yourself despite the consequences. The music is called KAIKE composed by Adiescar Chase and recorded at Air Studios, London.

They are looking for a collection of young and exciting artists who want to be involved in this compelling project – eight artists who are inspired by this concept and want to work closely with an expert Production Designer (work includes Barbie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Death on the Nile).

Each artist will create one piece of fine art. The producers are keen to have a variety of artistic styles and mediums. All artwork will be based on one female subject but there is freedom to express this specific subject in your own way. They will need at least 3 portraits where the eyes of these portraits can be animated as they have a talented animation team on board (again 1 or 2 credits) for this element of the music video.

Please get in contact with Adiescar Chase and Melissa Aston-Munslow

Briefly tell them about yourself as an artist


A short paragraph about the type of artwork you’d be interested in making for this music video based on the above theme.

Deadline: 24th June