The latest purchase by the Friends of PSAD is for a brand new Gunning roller relief press – which was was delivered to Putney School of Art’s Studio 4 this week.

For the last few years printers have been working with a couple of vintage book presses and a small table top roller press. The work being produced has been very impressive however the new Gunning press will mean larger pieces can be printed and is sure to raise the quality.

Print tutor Paul Schofield and some of his Friday afternoon relief printing students unwrapped the new equipment. Christening the press was Katrin MacGibbon with a beautiful greyhound linocut. The Gunning press did it justice and the reveal of the first print was sharp and pure – a real cracker.

A big ‘Thank you’ from the PSAD print students goes to the head of school, Nilar Morgan, and her team for investing in the Gunning press, and to the Friends of PSAD for their support and dedication in raising the funds for this and many other equipment pieces.

Article and photos by Mark Hayman, the Friends of PSAD Committee.