Solo exhibition by Marcy Richardson, PSAD Graduate

Venue: Putney Library, 5-7 Disraeli Road, SW15 2DR

Date: 15 August – 1 October

Marcy Richardson was born in Canada to second generation Ukrainian refugees. Her birth name is Мирослава (Myroslava), which means Peace and Glory, although her family calls her Myrosia. Her first language was Ukrainian, which is all she spoke until she started school. Until she was six, Marcy was raised by her grandparents who survived the Holodomor starvation as children and being taken from their homes as teenagers by the Nazis to work in a German labour camp until WW2 ended.

They were very proud and knew how fortunate they were to be able to build their lives in a safe, free, and beautiful country, however their blood was Ukrainian which they never forgot.

Marcy has been completely paralysed by the horror the people living in Ukraine are experiencing, and distraught to see that history is repeating itself again, and that her family in Ukraine is going through what her grandparents went through many years ago.

It is with the backdrop of the current war in Ukraine, combined with her childhood and family experiences of growing up in a Ukrainian refugee family in mind, Marcy’s recent work has been exploring what it means to feel displaced as a refugee and for their families born into the new place.

At one point or another, we can all feel displaced. Some situations are more extreme than others, however this is a feeling we can all experience to a greater or lesser extent.

Instagram: @marcyrichardson
Website: www.marcyrichardsonart.com
Contact: marcy.richardson@gmail.com

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MYROSLAVA_by Marcy Richardson

Marcy at PSAD, photo by Tim Bush