The PSAD student Carolyn McMillan sent us her impressions of this fascinating exhibition.

Art on Paper since 1960: the Hamish Parker Collection, exhibition of prints and drawings at the British Museum, Room 90 until 5 March

The Prints and Drawings room of the BM is always a delight to visit as it is so well designed. Art works can be viewed in peace and quiet (despite proximity to the ever-popular Egyptian mummies!). There is a wooden shelf on which to lean comfortably and look at works in detail. The current exhibition (FREE) is Art on Paper since 1960: the Hamish Parker collection consisting of over 100 prints and drawings which Parker donated to the BM. There are an amazing cross-section of styles, and artists from many countries. Works include drawings by Lucien Freud (Solicitors Head), Avigdor Arikha (portrait of Samuel Beckett), Alice Maher (the Little Tent), and extraordinarily detailed ballpoint pen drawings by Caroline Kryzecki. It’s a treat if you like 2-D art.

Address: The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG

Open: Until 5 March, Daily: 10.00–17.00, Free Entry, just drop in

You can see more details Here.

Review and photographs by Carolyn McMillan, the PSAD Friends trustee.